Top Choice Remodeling

Meet Our Team

Joel Medrano

Founder & CEO

Hunter Hill

Design Consultant

Bryan Medina

Design Consultant

Rodrigo Largaespada

Marketing Manager

Our Story

Through our sister company, PPS House Buyers, we’ve remodeled and sold hundreds of properties. What we’ve learned from remodeling hundreds of houses is that many homeowners, including ourselves, were unaware of the difficulties of renovating a house. We identified the issues and dedicated ourselves to creating a remodeling process that was simple, quick, and stress-free.

As our home buying company grew, many of our friends and family were impressed with our high quality craftsmanship and quick turnaround. Our feedback was so positive that we decided to create Top Choice remodeling and offer our remodeling services to everyone!

Top Choice Remodeling’s mission is to simplify your home remodeling process by providing a simple, practical, and stress-free experience.

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What makes us different

We understand the challenges of remodeling a house. As homeowners, we found ourselves dealing with difficulties such as:

  • Unreliable contractors
  • substandard sloppy
  • workmultiple delays
  • stolen money/materials
  • poor communication
  • non-warrantied work
  • unethical subcontractors.

​Through our own experience, we have created a quick, practical remodeling process. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your project is done on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.

What Our Process Means To You:

  • Expert remodeling evaluation
  • Vetted personnel so you know who’s in your home.
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure high quality work.
  • A support team that will provide you with constant communication.
  • Discounts on your materials through our vendor relationships.

You can rest assured knowing your house is in good hands with Top Choice Remodeling!

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